Email Junkmail Filters

There are at least two places you may find that email has been blocked or filtered in to a “Junkmail” folder.

  1. Your Outlook email program. You will find the settings and Junkmail folder for Outlook filtering in your Outlook program, or in the online Outlook email (
  2. MailEdge email filtering. Documation utilizes an email filtering device/service to manage excess junkmail. This document gives you simple easy instructions to manage email filtering for your Documation email address.

Anyone with a Documation email address can manage their own email filter. Individual email addresses can be added to a WhiteList for approved delivery, or to a BlackList to be blocked. Additionally you can set the mail filter to automatically add addresses to the WhiteList.

Logging In

To begin open Internet Explorer (or Safari on a Mac) and go to the address You will be presented with a login prompt. Use you normal computer login and password to log in.

image 1.0

The main page looks like the image 2.0 (below). Locate and click on the Preferences link.

image 2.0

White & Black Lists

The terms 'white list' and 'black list' are meant to describe groups of approved or dis-approved items, in this case email addresses. If an address is on your “White List” it is “approved for delivery”, and those on your “Black List” are blocked from delivery.

On the Preferences page locate the section labeled Antispam Management (See image 3.0). There are Three settings to note here:

  1. “Black/White Lists” - These, as the label indicates, are the links to the BlackList and WhiteList. Any address you add to the BlackList will be blocked, and any address you add to the WhiteList will be delivered. An example of this screen is shown in image 4.0. IMPORTANT NOTE: These lists apply ONLY to YOUR email address. They do not affect all Documation email. You cannot globally block or authorize email. If an email address or whole organization needs to be blocked or authorized globally (for EVERYONE) please consult with your supervisor or make the request with the IT department using the IT Service Request Form.
  2. “Add outgoing email addresses to WhiteList” - If you enable this option any address you send email to will automatically be added to your WhiteList.
  3. “Receive Spam Report” - This is the setting that allows you enable or disable the daily report you receive showing email that has been blocked for you. Most people receive this report at about 4:00pm. It is recommended that you do NOT disable this.

Click 'Apply' at the bottom of the page to save any changes.

image 3.0

Add addresses to your WhiteList

  1. To begin click the word White… (see image 3.0)
  2. Type the desired email address in the top line of the form and click 'ADD'
  3. Click the 'Refresh' button at the bottom of the form
  4. Scroll through the list to see that your new entry is included

image 4.0

Remove an address from your WhiteList

  1. Click the word White… to begin (see image 3.0)
  2. Select the desire email address(s) from the list
  3. Click the 'Remove Selected' button

Black list

The Black list form works the same as the White list.

Export/Import your Lists

Both the Black and White Lists allow you to save or import your own lists. The options are at the bottom of the form (See image 4.0). Importing or exporting your lists is NOT necessary, it is provided as a convenience. You have the abililty to Import a list of known addresses. Or export your list for use in another filtering system. The list should be formatted with a SINGLE address on each line, with NO SPACES or punctuation.

Example List Format


Click the word Backup to export your list.


  1. Click the 'Browse' button
  2. Navigate to your desired list. (It must be properly formatted!)
  3. Select your list and click 'Open'
  4. Click the word Restore
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