Suitcase Fusion Crashes

"Unable to start Suitcase Fusion Core"

This can often be resolved by resetting the applicaton preferences. The application preferences are stored in a hidden folder so you cannot simply browse to it with the Finder. But since we know the exact path we can get Finder to show it.

  1. Access the 'Go to Folder…' menu by any of the following methods:
    • Go to your Finder icon on the dock and right-click (Ctrl-click) and choose 'Go to Folder…'.
    • Click 'Go' on the Finder menu at the top of the screen and choose 'Go to Folder…'.
    • Press ⇧⌘G (Shift Command G)
  2. Delete anything in the 'Go to Folder' dialog and type the following exactly: ~/.Extensis
  3. Click Go.
  4. In the new Finder window you should see a single folder named 'FMCore'.
  5. Delete the folder 'FMCore'
  6. Empty the Trash

When you reopen Suitcase Fusion a new FMCore folder and setting will be created and Suitcase should work correctly now.

If this does not work or if you are no comfortable doing this procedure contact the IT staff for further assistance.

Last modified:: 2016/03/19 16:03