ReSize or Grow an Existing LUN

While you *can* resize and exiting LUN it may be a better solution to remove the LUN and create a new and larger one. Whether resizing or recreating it is important to have the data backed up.

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Below is the process of Migration that you can follow to expand the capacity online:-

  1. You would go to disk array and go to the disk array you want to expand.
  2. Click on the downward pointing arrow in the background activities tab and select start migration.
  3. The first window that comes up allows you to add the additional drives to the array.
  4. After adding the drives, you would click next.
  5. The next window will take you to the logical drive creation screen. There should be a section with a check box allowing to “expand an existing logical drive”. Make sure that it is checked.
  6. You should see a bar down below depicting the different logical drives within the array.
  7. Click on the one you want to expand and its information should go to the upper section.
  8. Here is when you can change the size of the logical drive.
  9. Once you put the new size in, click the update button. -After editing all of the logical drives, click on the next button.
  10. This will take you to the summary screen. Make sure that the logical drives are now showing the new size. If you forget to change the size of the logical drives, you will have to redo the process again after it is completed.
  11. Once you submit the migration, it cannot be stopped.
  12. Any sort of power outage or crash on the Vess during this process might corrupt the volume. So we strongly recommend backing up the data before attempting to run a migration just in case of data loss.

NOTE:- We had customers who have started migration to add drives and forget to change the logical drive size due to which they had to start another migration to expand the logical drives, so it took twice as long to finish.

Best Regards, Chak, Promise Technology Inc,.

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