Backup and Restore the VMWare Host Configuration

Backing up ESXi host configuration data

Using the ESXi Command Line

To synchronize the configuration changed with persistent storage, run the command:

  vim-cmd hostsvc/firmware/sync_config

To backup the configuration data for an ESXi host, run the command:

  vim-cmd hostsvc/firmware/backup_config

Note: The command should output a URL in which a web browser may be used to download the file. The backup file is located in the /scratch/downloads directory as configBundle-<HostFQDN>.tgz

Restoring ESXi host configuration data

Using the ESXi Command Line:

Note: When restoring configuration data, the build number of the host must match the build number of the host that created the backup file.

Put the host into maintenance mode by running the command:

  vim-cmd hostsvc/maintenance_mode_enter

Copy the backup configuration file to a location accessible by the host and run the command:

  vim-cmd hostsvc/firmware/restore_config /tmp/configBundle.tgz

In this case, the configuration file was copied to the host's /tmp directory. For more information, see Using SCP to copy files to or from an ESX host (1918).

Note: Executing this command will initiate an automatic reboot of the host after command completion.

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